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When you make a decision and your stomach drops, it doesn’t mean it’s the wrong decision.

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You know that uncomfortable feeling when you make a big decision?!?!

I had that experience the other day after making a decision that will help move the needle in my business.

To me it felt like a pit in my stomach along with an “uh, oh” moment 😟. In a quick second it could feel like something is wrong…maybe I made the wrong decision.

But since I’ve been working somatically, I now understand the sensations and cues my body provides…most of the time. 😉

There was nothing wrong or bad…it was me hitting a growth edge, one I get to work with and be with, not try to fix.

I didn’t plow right through it; I acknowledged the sensation and knew what it was about.

When I first started working with being with these sensations (and emotions), it took a bit more time to be with them…there are days where this is still the case.

But as you work with the uncomfortableness and build a dictionary of sensations…you get to see, feel, and be with them in such a powerful way.

Drop a 🙌🏼 for the link to book a somatic beta session.


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