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Saying yes to me, every day.

When I look at photos of myself in 2013, I’m reminded—in my heart and my gut—how lost, unhappy, stressed, and exhausted I felt.


I was busy, I was working in corporate America. I was even volunteering at an incredible organization. But I was uncomfortable in my own skin.


So, I committed to finding the answer. I embarked on a journey of self-discovery that include therapy, learning about nutrition, yoga, meditation, and Reiki. I set boundaries. I said no. I read instead of watched. I did what I wanted and what felt right for me instead of what I “should" do. 


I searched and searched, trying to figure out what was missing. In the end, what was missing? Taking care of me first!


We hear people talk about self-care and self-love all the time. I thought I “got it” and was doing it. Then I realized, I wasn’t—not completely. It took me years, but I finally understood: It’s my responsibility to take care of me, to love me, and to do what’s best for me. And it’s hard work.


It’s a journey of a lifetime—day by day, moment by moment. But it’s also the most fulfilling work we’ll ever do. I will continue to do the “inside” work to heal, grow, and evolve until my final days.


And I’m now committed to helping others on the same path. Say YES to committing to you.

Education and Certifications

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Member, Reiki Membership Association


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