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You Are All You Need

Updated: Jan 18

Are you ever looking to someone else, maybe your partner, friend, boss, parent, even your children, to fill a void?

Looking to the feel to be needed, to be wanted?

Ever doubt that you have what it takes to take the next big step, which may feel like a leap?

Do you doubt yourself? Do you ever feel like you’re not enough? Do you ever feel like or say you’ll wait until (fill in the blank) until you’ll do the thing you’ve been waiting to do?

Earlier this Spring just before May began, I set an intention for the month related to my business. It’s a big step…it pushed me outside of my comfort zone…A LOT! The intention felt right but the next day I had my “freak out” moment…how am I going to do this? Then the “how” appeared the following day. But still the doubt set in and I let it sit there for a couple days until I finally asked for help and had a discussion with my one of my mentors.

I kept getting the signs and reminders that I have everything I need. The signs showed up as: a note I reread from an energy healing session “You Are All You Need”, a note from a high school friend thanking me for my positive posts (I doubted that anyone was even looking at them, except for close friends), an email subject line that said "You Are The One You Are Waiting For", and the image you see to the right.

I finally stopped looking outside myself for what I needed – love, validation, acceptance – and started to find that with in me (it’s still, and always will be, a work in progress).

You HAVE all you need. You ARE all you need. Embrace who you are as you are and love yourself more than ever before!!

If you need help finding your light, I would love to help guide you there!


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