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What I did when resistance came to visit for a week…

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Last week there was a big energy of resistance for me. Resisting posting on social media, as well as changing my morning and evening routines…I mean like a toddler resisting leaving a toy store. 😂

So, I honored what was coming up, while also getting curious about it…

❓Is not posting this truly how I feel and correct for me?

🌕Is this just the weird energy of the full moon? (Did anyone else feel that too? 🙋‍♀️)

🤔Or is there more here – fear of judgement, the post not being good enough, etc.

I didn’t push it and neither did my coach. We observed each day, and I got comfortable being uncomfortable with the emotions and sensations that came up but allowed them to be with me and flow through me. I knew I was safe, and this was a moment in time.

Here I am today…

💫Feeling more like myself and more connected to last week’s experience.

💫Posting on social media (this will be a work in progress).

💫Revamping my morning and evening routines to something that’s sustainable and works best for me.

A week might feel like a long time to be with the uncomfortable feelings, but it’s in those moments that the gems come to the surface.

AND I know now after working with emotions and the sensations in my body, that not only is it safe to do so, but everything will be even better on the other side.

Drop a ❤️ if you can relate to the feeling of resistance.

And, if you’d like support working through it, email me and we’ll chat.


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