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A sure-fire way to make your life way simpler…

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Here’s one sure-fire way to make your life way simpler….

Yesterday there was a lot going on for me mid-day…

🩸Blood sugar fluctuations

🥺Emotions about my business

💤Dorsal response to the business stuff I’m working through (my body trying to protect me from what it thinks is “danger”)

Being attuned to each individual cue helped me move with what was happening. I could have reacted to it, ignored it, or pushed through it, but instead I…

💫Felt the emotions and let any tears flow that were needed.

💫Ate a nourishing and satisfying lunch.

💫Rested for a bit and then did some gentle movement, nothing too rough/tough for the body.

Often people will confuse the cues their body is giving or think something is “wrong” or needs to be fixed, when really, taking a few moments to stop and listen and adjust as needed.

The next time a sensation or emotion comes up, try listening to it and see what your body is trying to tell you.

I’d love to help you with this too! Somatic beta sessions are coming mid-January. Email me at to get notified when the sessions go live.


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