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The Difference a Year Can Make…

Updated: Jan 18

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There’s something that feels so exciting to me as I’m starting this new year.

It excites me for myself, and it excites me for you!

Of course, at the end of year you always reflect back and here’s what I saw…

Christmas 2022…I cried every day, and I just wasn't myself. I was going through the motions with no actual connection to the people, and what was happening, around me.

Christmas 2023…It was so much more enjoyable. I was present and connected.

The one thing that stood out to me the most was—I had the capacity to be pulled in a million different directions and not feel like I was being pulled around.

I was at 5 different places in 4 days and in the past, I would have been beyond exhausted, but not this year.

And…the relationships with friends and family—there was no tension, no bickering, there was no feeling of obligation.

It was a time of being present and enjoying the moments together!

Why did all that happen?

I paid attention to what emotions came up and what they were telling me, what sensations came up in my body and what that was telling me, plus working with my unicorn of a coach and my therapist.

The somatic work I’ve done has made a world of difference.

Coming mid-January, I’ll be offering beta Somatic Experiencing Sessions. If you've never received a somatic experiencing session…this is for you!

I’m not done, I feel like this is just the beginning, but man have I made huge progress.


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