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Have you ever had a day where you were beyond busy? Meetings, personal appointments, work, phone call after phone call.

In the past, I would have pushed through and ignored all the signs from my body.

And then I would feel like crap, be miserable, and an @sshole to the ones I love.

I had this exact kind of day recently and you know what?

I handled it differently than I ever have. In a way I actually felt proud of.

Here’s how...

I noticed the feeling of overwhelm in my body. It felt like a rush of energy from my toes to my chest...along with the feeling of being pulled in a million directions.

In that moment I knew I wasn’t able to have a meaningful conversation with the friend I was chatting with.

So, I told my friend about what was happening and letting her know I would chat with her the next day. Instead of pretending I was listening.

I wouldn’t have handled it like this if I hadn’t started to do somatic work - listening and working with the sensations in my body - PLUS being with the emotions that come up in the moment.

This why I’ll be offering beta Somatic Experiencing sessions soon. Stay tuned…


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