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The Emotion Code vs. Reiki

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Much like Reiki, the Emotion Code is a powerful way to clear your mind, body, and spirit. Both are considered energy healing practices.

But there are differences and they provide harmonizing benefits. While Reiki applies universal energy to help you rebalance, the Emotion Code tends to be more specific and more active.


Reiki practitioners work as your partner, redirecting and channeling energy to heal and harmonize your energy. They may work on your chakras to ease symptoms like stress, sleeplessness, and pain. Receiving Reiki is typically very relaxing and passive—almost meditative. Your energy guides the Reiki practitioner. Many people will feel instantly lighter after a session.

The Emotion Code®

The Emotion Code tends to be deeper and specific, accessing specific ages and experiences in your life – some you may remember and others you might not. Sessions are often more active as your practitioner hones into moments in your life, moments that you may not even realize built up over time have caused a “blockage”.

You may feel tired or lighter after your Emotion Code session. Days or weeks later, you may notice benefits as your decisions and awareness become clearer. You can build upon your sessions to work through emotional “baggage,” including your “heart wall.”

Emotion Code helps you identify or recall moments in your life that caused emotional scarring. Some people feel like it’s more “efficient” than other therapies as it directs you quickly to where you must let go to move forward.

Combined, Reiki and The Emotion Code create a transformative experience that can help you release emotional baggage, address clear emotional obstacles, and move toward your best self.

Curious how Reiki and The Emotion Code can support you? Book a Discovery Session here.

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