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Pause, Wait, Trust...

purple square with the words pause, wait, trust and see what miracles can happen

Reflecting yesterday about many aspects of my life, I was reminded that when we pause and slow down and just wait, everything starts to unfold better than you even imagined.

Spirit, the Universe, God, or whatever you believe in, is working with us not against us. It's just not in our time and it's not always the way we think it's going to look like…but it's always amazing what ends up happening.

Recently for me it looks like…

🎅🏻 Holiday plans changing for the better, for all involved…

💕 Relationships, of all kinds, shifting and evolving in ways I would have never thought they could…

🌟 Business plans and ideas that has been percolating for the past 12+ months and I’ve been patiently waiting for everything to come together…

The miracles don't stop when we let divine timing take its place.

Look for the evidence in your life that this is true and let it build your trust. 💫

When you follow the rhythms of the body and are tuned into the signals that your body is giving you, this becomes so much easier.

When you’re disconnected that's when you start to rush and force things and then it becomes more complicated.

Watch for sessions coming soon. And in the meantime, share with me where evidence of divine timing has come into your life. 👇🏼


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