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Yes. You deserve to feel like yourself. 

Reiki, Emotion Code, Practical Coaching

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Hi, my name is Allison.

I’m a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Emotion Code® Practitioner, Somatic Experiencing® student, and Intuitive who works with people from all different backgrounds—people who may feel lost and overwhelmed, people who are buried in their day-to-day existence, people who sense they’ve lost track of themselves. People just like you. People just like me. I started a long, hard journey toward loving and caring for myself in 2013. Today, I am honored to guide others along the path to their best self.

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Do you feel out of touch with your natural rhythms?
Or overwhelmed and disconnected from your self? 

Sessions are guided by your needs.

I know what it’s like to search for that missing ingredient–that magic key that unlocks the door to happiness, feeling comfortable in your own body, being more available to yourself and others, lower stress, and release from being overwhelmed.

Guided by your needs and goals, I use a blend of Reiki, Emotion Code®, Somatic Experiencing® , and down-to-earth conversation in our sessions. I apply what I’ve learned in my training and from my personal experience to give you a realistic, well-rounded path to growth.

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“Allison created a safe and energetically clear practicing space”

I took Reiki I and II training with Allison and was thrilled with my experience. I found my training to be renewing and I left the course ready to hit the ground running. She lead the course by example and worked with each student individually. Allison created a safe and energetically clear practicing space. She was detailed and patient with her students, this lead me to be comfortable with both asking questions and practicing Reiki on others. Her passion for Reiki is clear and she is an incredible healer.

Ambur W.

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