Comprehensive Energy Healing & Coaching Session

 Using Reiki, Emotion Code, and conversation, I will help you honor your natural rhythms and rediscover your essential cycles.


Integrated healing and coaching sessions can help you identify and remove emotional baggage, release emotions that are holding you back, rebalance your energy, set goals, and establish practical steps toward reaching yourself. 

Single session, 60 minutes, $125

Energy Healing & Coaching Bundle: 5 Sessions

If you're feeling out of touch with yourself and your goals, or weighed down and unhappy, coaching can help.


Over the course of five sessions, we'll work together to heal moments in your history when your rhythms and cycles weren’t honored. Guided by your needs, I'll use a blend of Reiki, Emotion Code, and coaching.



5 sessions, 60 minutes each, $550

Complementary Discovery Session

Taking the first steps to invest in yourself and prioritize your happiness is hard. The ongoing process of choosing you every day is emotional. I can relate. And I understand the importance of working with the right person. 

If you're interesting in learning how I can help you or you're curious to learn more about my integrative healing and coaching, let's talk. Schedule a complementary discovery session today. 

Single session, 20 minutes, $0

Invest in your healing and happiness