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Ready to feel like you again?

You’re burnt out from making sure your kids, aging parents, and/or partner have everything they need…

…while also making sure the fridge is stocked, there’s food on the table for dinner, and you don’t miss Timmy’s birthday next week.

Meanwhile, no one notices you’re running around trying to get all the “things” done and holding it all together.

You’re terrified if you let go it’s all going to fall apart. 

It’s Not Your Fault.

We’ve inherited the expectations that were placed on women (and men) who came before us AND we’re now expected to have a thriving career on top of it all. 

It’s all too much and something needs to change.


You deserve….no, you are meant to:

  • Feel better – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually

  • Have healthy, rich, meaningful relationships

  • AND, do work that aligns with your purpose – while also supporting you financially

I’ve been in your shoes and I’m on a mission to help you start putting yourself first.


Introducing the 90-Day Healing Intensive...

This is an immersive journey where you’ll work with me 1:1 to have more energy, deepen your connection with others, and pivot into work you love - without adding more to-dos to your plate. You’ll have access to my signature combination of coaching, Reiki, and Emotion Code to experience the deepest level of healing and create permanent change.

On this journey I’ll be guiding you through 3 core pillars:

Self & Well-Being: Go from putting everyone else first and being on the edge of burnout to prioritizing your own needs and feeling lit up every day and connected to the truth of who you are.

Relationships: Go from over giving in every interaction (and secretly feeling resentful) to being confident in your boundaries, saying no to things that drain you, and consistently make time for the things that fill your cup. 

Work: Go from overworked, undervalued, and underpaid to doing work that’s fulfilling and still leaves you with plenty of energy for things that matter most.

Specifically, our 90 days together will include:

  • 1:1 Energy Healing & Coaching: We’ll meet 3x a month via zoom for an energy healing and coaching session

  • Distance Reiki Healing: Once a month you’ll receive a distance reiki healing with an intuitive message sent via Voxer (free voice message app).

  • Distance Emotion Code: Once a month you'll receive a 30-minute distance emotion code session to help you get clarity on an area of your life that is keeping you stuck, blocked, or creating limiting beliefs.

  • Unlimited Voxer Access to me between sessions (Monday-Friday) for extra accountability and support. This is like having me in your back pocket to help you stay on track and make sure you’re never stuck.

Sound like something you need? Schedule your quick and easy Discover Session.

"I decided to trust Allison and let her weave Emotion Code work into our Reiki sessions. I'm a believer but honestly, this required the most trust. Our sessions started in person then transitioned to remote via video conference, just as powerful! I sit quietly as Allison receives the information, my trapped emotions and reports ages with corresponding emotion. Taking myself back in time, sometimes I react, sometimes I just take it in, to release it. It's powerful. I have left each session feeling more complete. I know that some major personal successes over the last several months are attributed to the Emotion Code and Reiki work with Allison."

— S.R.

 "I knew I had traumas, big and small, but I had no idea how much they were affecting my day to day life until I was able to release them. After every Emotion Code session with Allison I feel both more grounded and lighter. I leave with a greater sense of clarity and peace around my past and a greater feeling of health and optimism about the future.”

— Jennifer S.

Results People Like You are Getting with this method...

The Investment?

Just three monthly payments of $1100 or $3000 pay-in-full and save $300.


How to Get Started

Step 1: Click button below to schedule a Discovery Session to make sure it's a good fit.

Step 2: If it’s an “all-in” YES, we'll decide on a session schedule that works best for you.

Step 3: Show up to the sessions, take your 2-3 action steps in between calls, and walk away fully unleashed as the radiant, confident individual you know you were born to be.

Hi I’m Allison! I love helping others reconnect with their intuition, reclaim their energy, & pivot into work they love.

I remember the days putting in endless hours to meet a deadline only to have it extended and having to work the holidays.

I remember working for 10 hours, grabbing dinner on the way to a volunteering event, while trying to make sure I picked up dry cleaning, and paid the bills.


I remember hitting snooze on the alarm, rolling out of bed for work, and the next time

I looked at the clock it was 3pm and I hadn’t had lunch.


In my head I had all these thoughts pushing me to my breaking point…


“I can’t just quit and walk away from everything, I need money to pay bills.”


“When is this going to get easier? There always seems to be more to do.”


“What does slowing down even mean? Who’s going to hold everything together?”


“My health is taking a hit, I can’t keep going like this.”


Something had to change. 


I seeked help from others and over time realized that it wasn’t my fault that I had developed these patterns, but it was my responsibility to change them. 

So I started putting myself first and healing from the inside out. 


Now I wake up every day, excited for the day and proud of the life I’m living.


And I want that for you too. 


I’m on a mission to liberate others from people pleasing, over giving, and sacrificing their one precious life to uphold the status quo. 


If you’re ready to join the revolution, I’d love to help you.


"Allison is the first practitioner I've tried emotion code with, and I am very impressed by this work! Whether we have worked in person or via zoom video conference, there have been noticeable shifts in my body and energy helping me to feel more emotionally balanced and physically lighter. Allison is such a warm and welcoming presence as a practitioner with a keen intuitive sense, I am so grateful to have her as part of my routine wellness plan."

— Erin S.

"Allison makes it easy to open up to her, she is incredibly personable and makes you feel so welcome and comfortable. Her energy work leaves me feeling clearer and absolutely amazing. I wholeheartedly recommend Allison to my friends and colleagues!"

— Kim F.

What my clients are saying about working with me...

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